Bespoke Window Design

Bespoke Window Design

“Custom tailoring for your windows”


Draperies & Curtains

Nothing else will more dramatically softens the look and feel of a room as well as add volumes of sophisticated style than draping luxurious fabric at your windows.

If you love it, it’s right!

A photo from anywhere can serve as inspiration for what can be done in your home or office.


Most window covering can be motorized with a simple remote control or they can be integrated into a whole home system.

For your home theater you can press “PLAY” to have the window covering close, lighting fades to black, while your movie begins to play.

Window Shades

Wood, fabric, or grass clothe. The possibilities are endless.

Cornices & Valances

Add a custom designed and fabricated top to your windows.

Headboards & Canopies

Beds can be as simple or as lavish as you want them to be.